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Frequently Asked


I have never done this before. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Through the use of direction, posing and guides, we will make this a fun and comfortable experience.

Is it true that you shoot in a garage?

Yes I do.  Due to my disability I had to have a studio that was close and accessible to my home. After making the decision to have this be my studio I had the entire building remodeled and climate controlled. 

What about hair and makeup?

You can do your own hair and makeup before the shoot OR a makeup and hair artist can be provided for you upon request. 

Boudoir Photography New Jersey FAQ
Boudoir Photography New Jersey FAQ
Can I see myself during the shoot?

Yes! I can always share images as we shoot, allowing instant feedback during the photoshoot. 

How many final images will I receive? 

The number of final images is depending on you and how many of the images you love and want to take home. Collections vary according to client expectations. 

Am I responsible for outfits?

Yes. Outfits are selected and discussed during the consultations, prior to sessions.

Are my images private? 

All images are kept completely private unless you provide written permission to share them on social media or in the portfolio. You will never be pressured or required to share your images. Your privacy is 100% your decision.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Absolutely! Bringing a friend to sit through your session is not only allowed, but a great idea - especially if it's your first shoot.  Having a friend makes it far easier to shed nervousness in favor of light-hearted fun.

Do you do couple or group sessions?

I'm more than happy to do couple or group sessions.  As said in the above section, simply having someone nearby helps a great deal.  Having someone be in the session with you is even better!

Boudoir Photography New Jersey FAQ
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