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Boudoir Photography is a Story

Let's Tell Yours...

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Boudoir Photgraphy New Jersey

What is Boudoir Anyway..?

Boudoir is a style of photography that captures sensual, intimate and romantic images of a subject in a private and comfortable setting. It allows the subject to fully embrace and express every part of themselves. It is is for EVERY type of woman, no matter the age, size, shape or color,  It is about embracing and loving your body 110%! It is designed to have you step out of your shell and embrace your beauty, empowering women in any and every phase of life!

Boudoir isn't just taking sexy photos. It's an experience that celebrates every part of who you are. You deserve to feel beautiful, empowered and like the best version of you!

Boudoir Photgraphy New Jersey

What To Expect

  • The first step is a CONSULTATION.  What is your VISION? What are your expectations?

  • Hair & Make Up Artists can be arranged upon request

  • Posing & Direction to make you feel comfortable and powerful

  • Sessions start at 90 Minutes of photography

  • Same day viewings or post session options available to select favorite images

  • Editing of selected images

  • Package ordering consultation

  • Most of all...FUN!

About the Photographer

Hi, my name is Keith Meyers: 

I'm a boudoir photographer with several years experience based in northern New Jersey.  My clients have described me as being professional, patient, reassuring, and above all else, invested in my work.

And while I look at boudoir as an art form, I also treat it as being therapeutic in many ways - it's remarkable how good lighting and the right photographer can change the way someone sees themselves.

Keith Meyers Photographer

Inspiration. Collaboration.

These are powerful words on their own. However, when put together with a camera and a photographer, that is when the real magic begins... TOGETHER! Let's capture your ART & BEAUTY through the LENS!

Boudoir Photgraphy New Jersey


Anastasia Solo Garage shoot
"Keith is such a pleasure to work with and I always have so much fun shooting with him! He is usually the first person I contact when I shoot in New Jersey. He is respectful and always makes sure I'm comfortable - and always gets a lot of great edited photos back. I high recommend working with him" - Anastasia
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